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Increase Your Conversions

Thousands of results appear for every search query on search engines. To compete with all of them and making it to the first page is a difficult task that requires intelligent frameworks and experienced candidates.

Working to rank on Search Engines are not common for all different type of Websites. Each deserves planning and implementation of its own. Our SEO Campaigns are fabricated keeping the goals and needs of the client.

The SEO Process

We have formulated the six-step process to achieve good results in SEO.


This step is about understanding your brand and evaluating the current standings of the website according to Search Engines. This step covers auditing on Backlinks, Website Structure, Broken and Links. We also check for Content Duplicity, Mobile Issues, Compatibility Issues, Google Penalty and Initial Rank on SERPs.


This is about researching keywords and studying competitors. We use Top SEO tools to know what strategy can be used to formulate marketing strategy and primary keywords for your website. We also study your competitors and their strategies to formulate the best strategy to outrank them in SERPs.


This is about assembling all the information and planning the marketing strategy. In this step we focus on mapping your keywords to the content, devising link building strategy, creating user personas, topical content planning and create calendars for content in advance. We discuss this final plan with you and with your approval we go to the next step that is implementation.


Now, we start implementing our knowledge and research for your website. We first start with On-Page Optimization, setting up Webmasters, Analytics and Google Tag Manager, Optimizing for Local Search (if required) and Applying Technical updates. Also, we start optimizing your pages on social media.


After the initial stage of implementation, it is crucial to maintain the SEO process throughout since SEO is an ongoing process.  The growth is initiated by starting content promotion and creating good quality content as per our content calendar schedules which we planned during the “planning” stage.


Our monthly reporting includes Search Engine Rank, Google Analytics and All Activities Reports. Our reports have a lay-man language. We analyze the report so that we can focus more on pain points if any.


Do I need SEO?2020-02-19T04:41:09+05:30

YES, you do. Your prospective customers discover the services or products on Search Engines now and then. If you are not on Search Engine Result Pages, then it’s likely that they go to your competitors.

Why can’t I just do Paid Marketing and skip SEO?2020-02-19T04:41:45+05:30

SEO and Paid Marketing (PPC) accompany each other. Though SEO and PPC have different strategies, a business can benefit wholly by using them simultaneously.

How long will it take to see SEO Results?2020-02-19T04:58:05+05:30

It will take a minimum of 6 months to see the results. Organic traffic cannot be obtained overnight, and Search Engines will not rank websites immediately.

Why isn’t my site being indexed?2020-02-19T04:59:01+05:30

There are many reasons for site not being indexed such as noindex tags have been applied, blocked by robots.txt, the website is penalized by Google, the presence of Malware or Virus in your site or simply crawlers haven’t found your site yet.

If you want to know the exact reason, we can do a preliminary audit for your site just for free and mail you the PDF file with reports.

Can I hire a freelancer to do SEO for me?2020-02-19T04:59:36+05:30

Search Engines are changing their algorithms from time to time. SEO Expert’s job is to keep up to date about these Algorithm Updates and manage the content of the website according to them. All these responsibilities can’t be achieved by one person, this requires a team of SEO nerds. At Binate, we have an experienced team dedicated to SEO to manage all these roles.

Why choose Binate for SEO?2020-02-19T05:00:04+05:30

At Binate, we have a team dedicated to SEO to manage all parts of SEO Strategies. Besides, we have rich experienced team which reflects in our clients’ SEO results

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